About Us

  • MOSDEX's crypto arbitrage service is one step closer to customers.
  • The new MOSDEX's crypto arbitrage service, launched in Bitcoin or USDT, is the ideal way for ordinary users to create passive income.
  • It is a fully automated program that guarantees safe profits for users through inter-exchange arbitrage or inter-market arbitrage. This is how MOSDEX was able to come up with a new fully automated arbitrage platform.
  • "Many veterans of cryptocurrency are aware of arbitrage and have used it for years as a way to create passive income. Since it is a bit more difficult for those who are new to cryptocurrencies, we decided to simplify the process and make this opportunity accessible to more people," said MOSDEX's Founder Lodurr (Joseph Emmett).
  • MOSDEX has announced a customer profit-sharing model.
  • If no profit is generated, there will be no profit sharing with MOSDEX and no fees are charged.
  • "We have been careful to align our interests with those of our customers, which is why we have chosen the profit-sharing model. When our customers make a profit, so do we. We don't want to lose our customers capital to generate commissions for ourselves instead for our customers. Some other CFD providers charge a fee on the total capital regardless of the outcome, but we only gain when our clients gain. " said Freyr (Anthony Cadle), CTO of MOSDEX.
  • MOSDEX says that regular clients who previously traded spreads directly in the crypto market can generate better returns if they service our cryptocurrency spreads trading platform.
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